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About Tribalj

Welcome to one of the most attractive playgrounds in the world… All this gives you untold opportunities in summer just as much as in winter…


The entire Vinodol is a beautiful story, composed of rich history, numerous cultural and historical monuments, natural resources and tradition. It is one thing to experience Vinodol by passing through it, and quite another to see it from the “bird’s-eye view”.

A new,IMG_1447 distinctive tourist product was created by building six (6) belvederes in the District of Vinodol and the Town of Novi Vinodolski. In
this way, Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board and District of Vinodol Tourist Board supplemented the tourist offer of this destination, which has become more and more oriented towards active (day-trip) tourism.
Six locations for belvederes were selected, out of which three (3) are located in the District of Vinodol:20150725_181158

  • overlooking Drivenik – Mahavica Belvedere, (781 meters above sea level)
  • overlooking Grižane/Tribalj – Pridva Belvedere, (573 meters above sea level)
  • overlooking Bribir – Slipica Belvedere, (446 meters above sea level

and three (3) are located in the Town of Novi Vinodolski:

  • overlooking Ledenice – Gradina Belvedere, (379 meters above sea level)
  • at the foot of Sviba – Sviba Belvedere, (753 meters above sea level)
  • and by Krmpote – Kuk Belvedere (301 meters above sea level).

But a picture is worth a thousand words so here is something for the eyes: