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Tandem paragliding

Tandem flight

Did you ever dream to fly like a bird, without any noise and any engine, just you and the wind?

Tandem paragliding offers you to easaly approa

ch this world. Accompanied by qualified pilots and experienced instructors, you will enjoy a sense of lightnees full of emotions and feelings, an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Exciting but at the same time relaxing and safe, those who love adrenaline, but also those looking for a pleasant and relaxing walk in the air will love it.

Who can fly?

To fly in tandem you dont need to know anything about paragliding, all instructions you get before the take off. No particular physical skills needed, just a little courage and to be in good health.

Min age 6 , no up limit (under 18 years must be accompanied by guardian presence)

Min weight 20 kg, max 115 kg

Please let us know at the time of booking if there are people who are under 40 kg or over 100 kg in order to assess together their suitability for participating in the flight.

Safety note:

On the day of flight weather conditions must be taken into account. So for safety reasons all flights are made in clear weather with moderate wind.

The pilot may decide to cancel the takeoff at any time if he should deem the safety conditions to be
insufficient for continuing.

Tribalj Panoramic flight – 120€

Flight duration 15-20 min (the whole event takes about 1h)

Relaxing paraglider tandem flight with beautiful view on Kvarner bay. The best way to see the
Kvarner bay from above all year around.

Take off at 780m ASL, fly altitude 800m.Landing in the valley or at top of the mountain.

Usually taken from early mornings till late afternoons.

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Flying in Pair Is also an option
Phone: +385 95 906 2973

Tribalj Thermal Flying Experience – 160€

Flight duration 30-40 min (the whole event takes about 1:30h)

Flying in thermals means climbing in hot rising air. Often in the company of falcons, eagles and
magnificent whitehead Griffon Vulture you’ will soar on the updrafts that nature gives us,
imitating and following the birds around us.

Take off at 780 m ASL, possible thermal rise in flight up to 1500m. Landing in the valley or at top
of the mountain.

Usually taken from late mornings-midday, till early afternoons.

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Flying in Pair Is also an option
Phone: +385 95 906 2973

Učka mountain – 240€ per person, min. 2 persons

Flight duration 60 min (the whole event takes about 2:30h)

Take off at 800m ASL, Šušnjevica-Brgud, possible thermal rise in flight sometimes till 2000m

Fly with us over the mountain massif of Učka, which with its highest peak of 1400m dominates Istria and Kvarner. Enjoying the flight along the 30 km long mountain massif, you have the opportunity to experience an incredible view on Istria peninsula on one side and the Kvarner bay on the other side. Feel the magic from a birds eye view and treat yourself with this unforgettable

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Flying in Pair Is also an option
Phone: +385 95 906 2973

Photos/video 20€

Possible to take pictures and recording video from the air.

We recommend you to bring :

  • Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots
  • Comfortable clothes (season related)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen (during the summer)

The Mediterranean climate is mild and allows us to fly all year around but as paragliding is activity that depends entirely on the weather also in the middle of summer there are days when we can not fly. That is why it is always recommended to consider a few more days when planning a flight activity.

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